We are CoVitality 

Our Purpose

We help educators make rapid and positive impacts on the individual lives of their students as well as in the school settings that they rely on to flourish.

What We Do

We provide educators with the technology tools and data needed to accurately assess the social‑emotional well‑being of students, along with expert consulting to ensure its implementation is efficient and seamlessly integrated with existing processes at the school, district, and state level.

Our Mission

Improve the social emotional capacity and mental health of the next generation through proactive, holistic, research-validated assessments and follow-up strategies derived from an evidence based framework.

Your Mission Team

Dr. Michael Furlong

Lead Researcher and Founder of Project CoVitality 

Dr. Furlong is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association, and an elected a member of Society for the Study of School Psychology. Dr. Furlong’s research focuses on school-based approaches to foster positive youth development and the development of valid strength-based measures of child and adolescent well-being. He has served as the Editor of the Journal of School Violence (2008-2015) and he is a co-editor of the Handbook of School Violence and Safety (2006, 2012) and the Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools (2009, 2014).

Dr. Prashant Rajvaidya

CEO and founder of Mosaic and CoVitality Inc.

Dr. Rajvaidya has been the driving force behind our seamless integration of interdisciplinary expertise in the areas of social science research, evaluation consultation, and software. This forward thinking approach has helped steer Mosaic in a direction where our offerings have been used by over 50 thousand organizations in recent years with a footprint across USA in over 42 states and internationally in over 17 countries.

Dr. Rajvaidya's academic achievements span the diverse fields of computer science, behavioural psychology, and social policy, including articles and presentations in some of the respective field's most renowned journals and conferences.

Nitesh Verma

Executive Director of Product Development at Mosaic

Nitesh Verma is an accomplished Program and Organizational Change Manager with 20 Years of IT experience. He specializes in ERP product management, implementation, eLearning applications, social innovation, grant-evaluation data systems, and data security.

With a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's of Business Administration, Nitesh is currently leading the technical wing as the Executive Director of Product Development at Mosaic and is an inspiring driver of organization-wide goals.

Austin Ramsdell

Initiative Lead for CoVitality at Mosaic

Selected by CEO to lead business development and product development for the fastest growing vertical in the company (CoVitality App), Austin Ramsdell is the Initiative Lead for CoVitality at Mosaic. He led the design of the CoVitality App as well as its implementation in schools and districts.

In his cross-functional product development and growth advisory role, Austin is a key member of the team for his ability to utilize subject matter expertise to provide vision and guidance on solution design, workflows, and business demands.

Omari Fullchange

Account Executive for CoVitality at Mosaic 

Omari Fullchange is a passionate advocate for customer success and meeting industry-wide need. At Mosaic, he works closely with our clients to ensure they get the most out of our full suite of technology solutions.


As an Integral part of the CoVitality Enterprise Accounts Department - his strategic foresight aids integration of innovative advances in meeting the needs of clients via considered and well-executed developments in the CoVitality Application. He received his B.A. in Physics from Columbia University, and his M.A. in Urban Planning from UCLA

Katianne Brent

Impact Producer for CoVitality at Mosaic

Katianne drives continuous improvement and innovation by planning, coordinating, leading, and executing collaborative marketing and strategic growth operations for CoVitality. She partners directly with business and product development and reports to the CEO to align and scale company-wide ventures cross-functionally with leadership and produce creative marketing and communications collateral and content.


At Mosaic, she conducts internal and external process analysis and market research and supports the execution of subject matter expertise specific deliverables related to evaluative contracts and data analysis.

Heidi Straub

Technical Customer Support Specialist for CoVitality at Mosaic

Heidi serves our customer base by working diligently to ensure the customer experience is positive and services are functioning properly. In her role role as technical systems ninja she interacts with the full spectrum of Mosaic's clients at every level, including their own stakeholders.


Maximum success is guaranteed with her support - by providing technical computer assistance and troubleshooting all aspects crucial to seamless operation of the full suite of dynamic systems offered - including our customized platforms, tools, premier solutions and unique off-shoot applications.


The Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

The Delaware Department of Education and the University of Delaware Center for Disabilities Studies have partnered with Mosaic to help build a system to help local education institutions across the state create safe and caring learning environments that promote the social-emotional and academic development of all their children.

This vision requires comprehensive, systematic, individualized interventions and supports - and a robust system of identification and technology tools provided by Mosaic to support these goals.

For a statewide administration of the school climate survey Mosaic has partnered with the University of Delaware to mobilize the Delaware school climates scales utilizing the CoVitality Platform and System.

Conclusion of the survey administration across the state, and results seamlessly collected and provided back to project leads and statewide initiative directors via a custom implementation of the CoVitality platform, will help them build the knowledge and skills of Delaware's educators in the concepts and practices of positive behavior supports.

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University of California, Santa Barbara

Project CoVitality was developed at UC Santa Barbara, featuring the work of faculty members Michael J. Furlong, Erin Dowdy, and Karen Nylund-Gibson. It was recently presented at the Western Positive Psychology Association (WPPA) on the topics of the CoVitality Framework and the Social Emotional Health Survey (SEHS).

Since 2010 - Project CoVitality has been the UCSB’s Gevirtz graduate school of education’s main initiative to help schools and districts across the country in their efforts to foster social and emotional wellness. Through research grants funded by the Institute of Educational Sciences, researchers developed CoVitality as a measure schools can use to efficiently monitor students progress towards thriving well-being.

CoVitality is a web- based app featuring the Social Emotional Health Surveys, developed to help school psychologists and mental health professionals assess the complete mental health of adolescents. The app is based on the CoVitality Framework, which considers a student’s personal and social strengths and assets as well as their current distress. Over the past five years primary investigators Michael J.Furlong, Erin Dowdy, and Karen Nylund - Gibson have developed the Social Emotional Health Survey as a means to measure levels of assets and distress.It has produced strong psychometric characteristics that persist across multiple studies that show strong reliability and a robust factor model

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