The best tool to ensure student's social and emotional wellness is also the most affordable and easy to use

Children's social and emotional development is the missing piece in our education system. It's confirmed that a student's long‑term academic and career success is achieved through social and emotional learning approaches.


Covitality is the Answer.


What do we want for students? 


Conventional Methods and Screeners are Deficit-Based

They only focus on students with significant problems - students who are already on educator’s radars. These students receive support services and counseling that work on correcting their deficit behavior, while a majority of students who also need help continue to fly under the radar

CoVitality is a Strengths-Based Framework 

An evidence based approach that shifts away from the 'wait to fail' system that schools currently use to a strengths based methodology that enables every student to reach their full potential

Easy to Use Technology


The CoVitality framework is backed by powerful technology and easy to use tools that give you a complete picture of every student's well-being - at the individual, as well as at the school and district level.

Social Emotional Health Survey

Student's take the survey via
their mobile phone, kiosk's, tablets
or personal computers.

Powerful Platform

Stakeholders and administrators
access individual and aggregate
results in real time - with reports,
analytics and actionable results

Supercharged Real-Time Reports

Teachers, Counselors, School Psychologists, Support Staff and Administrators can provide informed support using evidence based targeted insights for individual students, a class, or the entire school.

Nationally Recognized With Diverse Applications

Improve School Climate

Reports unearth vital details that deliver a global view of your entire student body’s health. Get a complete picture with individual, or universal screening and allow educators to pinpoint specific areas to focus tier 1 and 2 MTSS interventions and improve school climate 

Allocate Resources to Critical Interventions

CoVitality points your staff directly to where students are struggling. Conserving valuable class time and support resources. Target support to specific areas students can improve their SEL strengths

Capture Impact of SEL Efforts

A reliable method to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your established SEL program or curriculum - with domains that align with state and national SEL competencies

Notice Warning Signs Early

Identify students who are struggling internally but don’t show classic signs of distress. Stop looking for problem behavior and save students harboring internal anxiety and distress from slipping between the cracks with assessment indicators that prevent deficit tunnel vision - before they reach a breaking point

Demonstrate Success and Get Additional Funding

Download reports designed to easily show student progress and gains across 12 strength areas. Use simple data displayed in terms of indicators you can show to sustain or increase resources for your SEL efforts.  Evaluation experts are always available to provide custom consultation, data coaching, and assist with board and stakeholder presentations to help your support team maximize the value of your CoVitality assessment data

Cure Intervention with Prevention

Shift away from the typical “wait to fail” or “teacher referral” system - prevent failing students before problem behaviors arise. Highlight strengths and deficits with evidence based results generated from the CoVitality assessment and equip students with skills they need to successfully manage and resolve challenges now, and for the rest of their lives

Suicide Prevention

Identify youth who are most at risk of self harm and give school staff access to valuable reports and information that is targeted, quick, efficient and effective to deliver the support they need before a crisis occurs

Monitor Entire Student Body Mental Health

Conduct resource planning, generate awareness, and get community buy-in with risk group analysis, easy-to-interpret graphics, and data that allows leadership to make broadly  informed decisions. Monitor on an ongoing basis with retailed distributions of high-risk student populations and trends that allow student populations that are thriving to be monitored in an ongoing way to better understand trends in your student population

We are Making a Global Impact on The Mission to improve Student Mental Health 

The CoVitality Social-Emotional Health Surveys have been implemented and used across the globe in 8 states, 15 countries, and on 5 continents with translations in 12 languages. CoVitality updates its technology continuously to provide the most current evidence based solutions in student mental wellness.

Success Stories

Bay District Schools

Targeting SEL to aid recovery efforts for distressed populations in the aftermath of a widely felt tragedy 

Sioux City Community School District

Bringing the conversation around student mental health and holistic support for SEL to the Midwest

College Track 

Using CoVitality as a tool for social and emotional readiness as students enter the next phase of their education

Baldwin Park Unified School District

Centralizing the educational process around social emotional learning and positive school climate

Implementation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Students take 10-15 minutes
to complete the online survey

School care and response teams monitor survey administration and view results using the CoVitality platform

Student care and support teams generate reports, conduct follow-ups, and use data to make informed decisions

Start your journey. Improve student mental health and well-being today 

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