What Educators Have to Say 

"We LOVE this assessment. It's incredible!

CoVitality gives us real time reports on our students and categorizes them for us into categories: green (doing well), blue (could be doing better) and red (needs help/worrisome). This allows us to tailor wellness services dosage to need level and for us to know right away who we need to follow up with. In addition, the App provides evidence based intervention recommendations for each of the 12 strengths that they assess for which makes it super easy for wellness staff to know what to focus on with particular students to build capacity.

I highly recommend this assessment!"


Nicol McGough


Director of Quality and Learning: Student Life and Wellness, College Track National

What Educators Have to Say 

" CoVitality allowed us to triple our student support capacity, 

We were in an evaluation year when we adopted CoVitality and the results of the survey allowed us to hire several social workers, school psychologists and counselors throughout our district.  We started with anonymous universal screening to identify the areas to focus our resources, and having an immediate view into where the hotspots and strengths of certain schools and core areas of our student population were really allowed us to hone in our curriculum development and improve our overall approach.

Thank you team CoVitality!!"


Julie Goldberg

Coordinator of Accountability, Assessment, and Research

San Dieguito Union High School District

What Educators Have to Say 

"Our leadership uses CoVitality to show our successes.

We've been using your system the last few years to heighten our advocacy efforts with understandable community presentations of data. The tool allowed our team of student care stakeholders to really demonstrate the ability of our district to come together and meet student demands - We appreciate your help in truly improving the visibility and our collective staff understanding of a thriving SEL program"


Ben Dhillon

Director of Student Support Services

Visalia Unified School District

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