Mental Wellness

CoVitality’s wellness screening framework informs educators and school site teams about their students’ mental wellness and, very importantly, provides information about EVERY student’s life satisfaction and emotional well-being. This, in turn, provides guidance about the prevention and intervention services that are required.

This section offers relevant information for our educators and school site coordination teams to refer to as they work on the social and emotional well-being of their children.

March 2020 | Baldwin Park Unified School District | Dr. Susan Coats

February 2019 |  District Leadership Forum

January 2020 | Utah State University College of Education and Human Services | Tyler Renshaw, PhD

2020 | Each Mind Matters CA | Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63)

2020| Let's Talk Mental Health | Bring Change to Mind

    2020 | Lendedu 

 2019  | The California Endowment

September 2015 | Safe and Supportive Learning | Elizabeth V. Freeman, AIR; and Dr. Sharon Stephan, CSMH

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