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The Core Team.

Dr. Prashant Rajvaidya

His title might be CEO, but to us - he's The Visionary.

Nitesh Verma

Titan of Product Engineering, Tirelessly Keeping All The Wheels in Motion

Katianne Brent

Strategic Growth, Business Development & Marketing Wiz

- Producer of Impacts

Omari Fullchange

Persistent, Thoughtful, Intelligent - 

A True Natural in Delivering Insight & Fostering Customer Delight

Austin Ramsdell

Nurturer of CoVitality, Industry Wisdom Extraordinaire 

- Makes Developments That Delight 

Rashmi Sethi

With Unparalleled Operations,  & Administrative Client Need Analysis and Management Experience 

- An Integral Team Member Since Mosaic's Day 1


Heidi Straub

Strong Information Technology Professional & Experienced Database, Help-desk and Server Administrator - Ninja

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