Bay District Schools

In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael which struck the greater area of Panama City Florida in the fall of 2018, officials in Bay District Schools were quick to recognize the importance of a strong educational system and leverage this foundation to support the well-being and recovery efforts this devastating storm forced on their community in waves in the aftermath of the widely-felt tragedy.

Displacing more than 3, 000 students and wreaking havoc on 80% of the schools in their region, leadership knew the damage to their student population went far beneath surface level and CoVitalitiy gave leadership a fast and easy way to leverage their minimal resources and deliver this critical psychological support.

Using the tool and its easily scalable and affordable self report assessment and series of customized follow-up strategies, student support staff and community based mental health organizations were able to use the web-based platform to identify students who might be struggling and intervene rapidly in the wake of the storm.

Results from the survey administration will aid leadership as they continue to fight for funds years after the storm has passed for resources to address the widespread mental health issues that have continued to escalate in recent months.

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