College Track

Prior to CoVitality, improving students skills and being able to direct them to additional resources for growth and progress monitoring was not accomplished through College Track’s traditional social and emotional learning program.

Acknowledging the importance of emphasizing social-emotional skill development in their comprehensive college prep curriculum, this equity committed organization needed a tool to support their student psychological wellness goals.

With results that showed a demonstrable improvement in college readiness, they began to use CoVitality to assess every student upon entry to the program across the many states their curriculum is implemented in.

CoVitality is able to help College track change the narrative for talented students from all socioeconomic backgrounds by giving leadership information that allows them to continue to innovate based on their diverse needs - with one on one coaching, tailored follow-ups and progress monitoring.

Learn more about the many ways CoVitality can support a social and emotional learning curriculum in your college preparation program and contact us today to hear for yourself how implementing a universal, strengths based mental health screener in your organization can improve equity and the future trajectory of students who desperately need it now

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