Sioux City Community School District

Prior to having clear evidence pointing to where their children were struggling and how to help, conversations about student mental health in Sioux City School District (SCSD) rarely occurred at all.

Meeting the rising mental health needs of their diverse midwestern heartland student body compelled district leadership to start a conversation with their community about school- based support for their students psychological health

Using CoVitality to raise support and awareness for the status and importance of their students' social and emotional well-being, school staff conducted universal district wide screening with the tool and presented results back to their leadership and key community stakeholders to snowball these efforts.

The CoVitality tool helped build a comprehensive support system was critical.Results of the survey administration served as a rallying cry and cajole that engaged voices in the region.

For principals like Richard Todd of East Union high school, data was "important for resources, programing, and rankings." Additionally, the data was used to empower and train staff to tackle student mental health, efforts central to understanding and improving district-wide coordinated efforts

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